After 50 years in the entertainment industry, and after 25+ years of corporate and talent coaching at Jean Fowler's Coach Works, I am transitioning into retirement/re-firement. There are many more areas in my life that I look forward to exploring: writing, speaking, traveling with my husband, continuing to work on new levels of health excellence, growing spiritually, and finding new places to volunteer my time and energy. Retirement, for me, is a new beginning! Re-firement! Life is a gift that keeps on giving! It is my hope that I have served students and clients with honesty, integrity, respect and encouragement. That I have been a positive influence on all whom I have met. It has been an honor and a privilege to work with each student/client at the studio, and with their agents, managers, and corporate teams. The producers, directors, writers, casting directors, and production teams, the ad agencies and media outlets. Each of you has inspired me with your professionalism, courage, your dreams, your visions, your humor, your gifts and talents and your tenacity to achieve your goals. I carry all of you in my heart.

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Always, the very best to each of you...

Welcome to Jean Fowler's Coach Works

Professional Acting Coach Scottsdale Arizona Jean FowlerA new day has come and with it an increase of challenging artistic and business opportunities.

Are you ready?

Do you have the tools and abilities that will help you achieve your dreams and goals?

Jean Fowler's Coach Works assists beginners as well as seasoned professionals involved with:

  • Commericals
  • Film
  • Television
  • Audition/Interview Techniques
  • Broadcast
  • Public Speaking
  • Corporate Presentations

What We Offer

"Your Success is my Goal." Please join me for classes and private coaching that will help you develop, prepare and accomplish your goals.

  • Small Individual Classes
  • Balance Between Internal and External Disciplines
  • Supportive, Respectful Environment
  • Focus on Results and Process

"I Train Winners!" - Jean Fowler

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